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Holly Schlott

2 Spirits

Inspired by my music role models

The title of the CD came from a lengthy discourse with my partner. She vehemently asked about the spiritual idea of this phenomenon (transgender).

So after many years of searching for my identity, I discovered the 2 Spirits of the native North Americas.

The term 2 Spirits refers to the people who celebrated this transgender culture.

In my view, they are far more advanced in terms of the social structure of the community and the way they live together, compared with our culture of "dogmatic dualism" (try filling in an official form online without having to decide on a man or woman).

This phenomenon, found in various Indian tribes, refers to four gender identities (women, male women, female men, men) that do not clearly identify with one gender. Not being able to identify 100% with their biological gender (neo-literal non-binary).

We distinguish between biological sex and gender identity. The latter is the result of processes that take place in the brain. The 2 Spirits were mostly respected in a special way by persons who either functioned as shamans, medics or chiefs.