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Holly Schlott

C melody saxophone    -    Being Inletten...

Based on a special instrument - the C-Melody Sax, which is not widely used among jazz saxophonists, but appears time and again - this story has become what it is today. The basic mood of the C-Melody lies exactly between alto and tenor sax. The basic mood of the C-Melody lies exactly between alto and tenor sax. It stands, so to speak, as representative of my inner state, of this intervening, of the feeling of neither belonging to the one nor the other completely or even being everything - to mingle with one another.
For at least five years, this horn had been in my apartment in the corner and I wanted to sell it. When I had once again blown in, it seemed like a revelation to me. After initial discomfort, I gradually realized, this sound, this feeling is exactly my story. Thus, the beginning of the recordings with the C-Melody as the protagonist was sealed.
Ever since I was 14 years old I experienced - more or less consciously - a peculiarity in my being, but could not explain it for many years. Only after the fall of the wall did I gain access to publications that brought me closer to the subject of transgender or trans-identity. Even personal encounters with other "affected" brought me more experience than it had ever been possible in previous years. Information and forums on the internet also contributed to my self-assurance.
Years passed before I came to the conviction and the self-confidence had to admit to me that there is nothing wrong with that. "Nothing is wrong". Yes, it is even a gift to live out the possibilities of "2 Souls in Harmony". Vaporised on these few sentences, the story sounds truly easy and straightforward. But there were many moments of uncertainty and tears. Since I turned the tables and did not "hide" anymore, the river started to flow.
The ultimate goal on this journey was to one day be able to connect my truth with my music. First and foremost the feeling of bringing the newly won inner balance into the music, giving back with beauty and gratitude to those who have sent me on this wonderful journey.