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Holly Schlott


I have tried to "translate" my innermost feelings of recent years into musical moods and to play them on this CD. Even though controversial perceptions and reactions are and must be, it has been very important for me to stay with myself. It's about "my story," which, with the exception of two or three very close friends, nobody knew.

The compositions initially had a rather experimental character. In the course of the work the melodious pieces gained the upper hand. I wanted to juxtapose melancholic and happy sounds and create a sense of wellbeing.

For me, the result is a kind of "journeyman piece": as a producer, composer, arranger, studio musician, sound engineer and protagonist at the same time. Because yes: It's a studio production in which I have completely played or programmed all instruments myself. In this way, the music follows a special sound aesthetics that some listeners may find unexpectedly "clean". I hope for their impartiality and for the depth of the feelings of my story to be received.

After finishing the recording in August 2017, I should have heard and reviewed the songs at least several hundred times. There were days when I did not feel anything in the music anymore, which was initially there.